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Blockbuster triumph: Director Nam Dae-jung’s ’30 Days’ dominates the Box Office for 7 consecutive days during Hangul Holiday

Box Office sensation: Director Nam Dae-jung’s ’30 Days’ reigns supreme for 7 days straight over Hangul Holiday

Director Nam Dae-jung’s ’30 Days’ has topped the box office for seven consecutive days, including the Hangul holiday. With the low number of moviegoers visiting theaters during the Hangul holiday, there is increasing curiosity about whether ’30 Days’, which casts Kang Ha Nuel and Jung So Min, will perform well in October theaters.

According to the Korean Film Council’s integrated ticketing network on the 10th, it recorded 154,441 admissions on the 9th, securing the top spot at the box office. Since its release on the 3rd of October, it has consistently held the top spot, drawing a total of 774,322 moviegoers. Especially on the 8th, which was the opening weekend, it attracted 173,350 viewers, surpassing the Chuseok holiday opening score (171,976 viewers), proving its word-of-mouth success.

’30 Days’ has received enthusiastic reviews from audiences, with comments such as “It was so much fun that my cheeks hurt when I left” and “While watching the movie, I experienced the whole audience bursting into laughter for the first time, and it was really enjoyable.”

However, it remains to be seen whether ’30 Days’ will continue its success as a ‘개싸라기’ (a term in the film industry referring to movies that perform better in the second week than the opening week, indicating long-term success) despite the audience’s praise. The decrease in the number of theatergoers is a concern.

During the Chuseok holiday period, the daily average of total moviegoers was in the 400,000s, falling below half of the previous year’s increase in theater prices for the third consecutive year. During this Hangul holiday period, the total number of moviegoers decreased by about 100,000 to 300,000 compared to the Chuseok holiday.

The fact that a film has a total audience of 770,000 for seven consecutive days, including a two-day holiday, means that there are not many audiences in the theaters. ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife,’ which opened on September 27th and has been in second place since the release of ’30 Days’ attracted a total of 1.75 million viewers by the 9th, indicating a significant decrease in the number of viewers.

Therefore, it remains to be seen how ’30 Days’ will steadily attract audiences in October theaters and whether it will surpass the break-even point and taste the sweetness of success. It is hoped that factors such as the end of the middle school and university student midterm exam season, the conclusion of the Asian Games, and the absence of clear competitors will work in favor.

We are looking forward to whether ’30 Days’ will become the fourth film this year, following ‘Criminal City 3,’ ‘Smuggling,’ and ‘Sleep,’ to cross the break-even point in terms of theater audiences.


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