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A historic collaboration between aespa and Crocs: Crocs to release limited edition ‘Stomp Lined Clogs’

aespa x Crocs Stomp Lined Clogs
This limited edition combines dramatic shades of purple and sky blue with the structural design of ‘Stomp Lined Clogs,’ adding aespa’s vibe to the footwear. The interior of the shoes is fully lined with fur for insulation and a soft, comfortable feel. The backstrap, featuring aespa branding, is also wrapped in fur, providing both warmth and plushness.

Utilizing Crocs’ ‘Dual Crocs Comfort™’ technology, these shoes offer stability and a comfortable fit, with a mid-height shoe design that makes them easy for anyone to wear.

Notably, this limited edition product is adorned with aespa-themed Jibbitz™ Charms inspired by all four members.

▲ aespa x Crocs Jibbitz™ Charm Set of 5
In addition, Crocs is unveiling a special limited edition shoe along with the ‘aespa x Crocs Jibbitz™ Charm Set of 5.’ Each Jibbitz™ Charm in the set has been personally designed by all aespa members, allowing fans to further upgrade their style and express their fandom.

The price of ‘aespa x Crocs Stomp Lined Clogs’ is 139,000 KRW, and ‘aespa x Crocs Jibbitz™ Charm Set of 5’ is priced at 24,900 KRW.



Author Nat.O
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