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Former idol group member A has received back the 26 billion won that was swindled from acquaintance B

Former idol group member A has received back the 26 billion won that was swindled from acquaintance B.

In January, the Seoul Southern District Court sentenced B to 9 years in prison and ordered the repayment of 26 billion won to A.

Previously, television writer B deceived A into handing over 26 billion won under the pretense of helping A receive a non-indictment decision in a sexual harassment case. A was under investigation in June 2019 for allegedly sexually harassing two women. B, who had a longstanding friendship with A, approached A and claimed to have connections within the prosecution, saying, “I can ensure a non-indictment decision since I have ties to high-ranking prosecutors. I need money to give to them.”

Subsequently, A transferred 16 billion won to B. However, B had no connections with prosecutors and did not pass on the money. After A received a non-indictment decision in December 2019, B demanded more money, claiming that prosecutors were attempting to reverse the non-indictment decision. A then handed over bank account information, passwords, and security cards to B. B swindled an additional 10 billion won by taking out loans using A’s house as collateral and seizing luxury items, including 2018 luxury bags, from A.

Eventually, after being swindled of a total of 26 billion won over 26 months, A filed a lawsuit against B. In July last year, the prosecution indicted B on charges of fraud and violation of the Attorney-at-Law Act.

During the first trial, A stated, “I handed over my entire fortune while suffering mentally from gaslighting.” B denied all charges, claiming, “I never demanded or received money from A, and I only managed the bank accounts with A’s consent.”

The court stated, “Considering the severe impact on A’s entertainment career due to the sexual harassment case and the manipulation of edited broadcast footage, A was likely vulnerable and easily deceived by B, whom A trusted. A is experiencing extreme suffering after losing a lifetime of accumulated wealth due to this incident.” The court further criticized B, stating, “Despite the egregious nature of the crime in terms of method, duration, and amount stolen, B denies all charges without any remorse.”

Both the prosecution and B have appealed the first trial verdict, and the appeal trial is currently underway at the Seoul High Court.


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