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A two-shot of singer Yong Jun-hyung and singer HyunA was captured

A two-shot of singer Yong Jun-hyung (35) and singer HyunA (Kim Hyun-ah, 32), who publicly declared their relationship, was captured.

Yong Junhyung and HyunA were captured in a two-shot while they enjoyed a trip to the United States together in November last year. He departed Los Angeles (LA), USA on November 21st and returned to Korea via Incheon International Airport at 5pm on the 22nd.

Yong Junhyung and HyunA returned after enjoying a happy trip in the United States. The affectionate appearance between the two continued on the plane. Yong Jun-hyung covered his face with a beanie and sunglasses, but HyunA exposed her bare face and caught everyone’s attention with her trademark red lip.

The two, who were friendly lovers on the plane, kept their distance from the departure hall, conscious of the gaze of those around them. They each left the departure hall separately and returned home carefully and quietly, looking like they were enjoying their respective trips.

The two directly announced their relationship through a ‘two shot’ taken during their trip to the United States. HyunA and Yong Jun-hyung bravely began their relationship publicly with a sweet back photo showing their affection for each other with their hands clasped affectionately. HyunA, who began a public relationship with her junior singer DAWN in 2018 and broke up in 2022, is her second public relationship.

Even after releasing their two-shot photo, the two remained tight-lipped about whether or not they were dating. Both agencies also drew a line, saying, “We cannot confirm this because it is a private matter,” and “We are not involved in the artist’s extremely personal matters.”

However, Hyuna left a comment saying, “Please look at it kindly,” along with an emoticon depicting them with hearts between them. They also ‘liked’ comments from fans congratulating their relationship, such as “You’re such a pretty couple” and “Be happy,” effectively acknowledging their public relationship.

Yong Junhyung directly announced that their ‘two shot’ was the start of a public relationship. He directly acknowledged his romantic relationship through a fan communication platform where he exchanges messages with his fans, saying, “I hope they will watch over me.”

Yong Junhyung said, “I think they must have been surprised by the sudden news,” and added, “We are doing well, receiving positive energy from each other, so I hope you will keep an eye on us.”

The two also worked together at CUBE Entertainment in the past. Yong Jun-hyung contributed by featuring on HyunA’s debut song as a solo singer, “Change”, and also worked on the song “A Bitter Day” from “Bubble Pop”.

In particular, Yong Junhyung chose the team name for the unit Trouble Maker that Hyuna formed with Jang Hyunseung. The ‘former co-workers’ who had a special relationship eventually developed into lovers after a long period of time and continued their pink journey in public.

Hyuna debuted with Wonder Girls in 2007, and after leaving her team, she re-debuted with 4Minute in 2009. Since then, he has had a variety of activities both as a solo artist and as a duo with his ex-lover Dawn. He is currently active as a solo singer.

Yong Jun-hyung debuted in 2009 and was loved by fans at home and abroad, but he left Highlight in 2019 after it was revealed that he was involved in the Jung Jun-young group chat room incident, including receiving photos that Jung Jun-young had taken and shared illegally. Due to this, they stopped their activities and resumed their activities by establishing the independent label Blackmade in 2022.

There are also concerns that due to this incident, people will not be able to support Hyuna’s second public relationship. Not only is this a surprise announcement that even the agency did not know about, but fans are also pointing out that the public relationship with Yong Jun-hyung, who was at the center of the incident surrounding Burning Sun and Jung Jun-young’s group chat room, is not very attractive. On the other hand, there are those who support their relationship, saying, “Personal details must be protected.”


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