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Actor Kim Min-jae to enlist on September 18th into the military band

On the 6th, his agency, Yam Yam Entertainment, stated, “Kim Min-jae will enlist in the military on the 18th to fulfill his national duty. We ask for your continued love and warm support until the day he returns in good health.”

On this day, Kim Min-jae shared his thoughts on his military enlistment through his fan cafe. He said, “Today, I have a story I want to tell you directly. Many of you may have been curious, but on September 18th, I will be enlisting in the military to fulfill my national duty,” revealing the enlistment date.

He also expressed his feelings, “I will be going to the military band, and although I feel very disappointed and sad about not being able to see you for a while, I am excited and grateful that I can experience and learn more through my military service.”

Finally, he added, “I won’t forget the precious concerns and will return as a stronger and more enriched person to repay your love as actor Kim Min-jae.”

Kim Min-jae, who made his debut in 2014 and is celebrating his 10th anniversary this year, established himself as a trusted actor by passionately taking on various roles regardless of lead or supporting roles. Some of his notable works include ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu,’ ‘Do You Like Brahms?,’ ‘Dal-ri and Gamjatang,’ and ‘Dr. Yoo Se-pung of Joseon Mental Clinic.’

Recently, after the conclusion of ‘Romantic Doctor Kim Sabu 3,’ Kim Min-jae held a fan meeting, ‘Telepathy: the day I want to say and the day I want to see,’ where he communicated with his fans. It was his first fan meeting in 10 years, and it became a precious memory, serving as his last official event before his military enlistment.

Kim Min-jae is scheduled to enter the training center on the 18th, undergo basic military training, and fulfill his national defense duty.


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