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Actor Kim Woo-bin has garnered attention for commemorating a fan who passed away at a young age

On the 27th, Kim Woo-bin shared his thoughts, saying, “Jiwon, you were always bright and cheerful. When I visited the path you used to come along, I realized how long and difficult that path was. Only now I understand,” and added, “Your face, which used to ask about my well-being with a smile not too long ago, comes to mind, and my heart aches a lot.”

He continued, “Jiwon, I won’t think of this as parting. Over there, let’s only have days filled with smiles, good health, and happiness. On the day we meet again, let’s take lots of pictures together and share all the stories we couldn’t before. I’ll think about you and work even harder on the new projects you were looking forward to. Watch over me. I’m truly thankful for having you as my fan. Let’s definitely meet again,” he bid farewell.

In response, the fan’s sibling left a comment saying, “We were really thankful that a flower stand from fans arrived, and we’re even more grateful that Kim Woo-bin personally came to send off our sister. We hope our sister will always remember you as the cool actor. We will continue to support you. Also, thank you to Actress Shin Min-ah and the AM Entertainment staff.”

Another sibling also expressed, “Just receiving the flower stand was a big source of strength, but when Kim Woo-bin personally came to visit, it was a great comfort for our family. Mom, Dad, my sibling, and I all gained tremendous strength. Because my sister loved you every single day, now that she’s gone, she’ll fly without limits. Thank you so much for making the long journey to see us off, despite being busy. I hope Kim Woo-bin will always be healthy and successful in all his future projects. Thank you so much for being there for my sister’s final moments. We won’t forget.”

Even the fan’s parents conveyed their gratitude, saying, “In the midst of the sorrow and sadness of parting with Jiwon due to her illness, Kim Woo-bin’s visit, condolence, considerable donation, and comfort made us deeply appreciate that he genuinely cherishes and values his fans. It gave us great strength and comfort. We believe that Jiwon, who loved Kim Woo-bin so much, will receive tremendous strength and comfort, and embark on her journey to a new world. We bow our heads deeply and express our sincere gratitude. We will always watch over Kim Woo-bin and support him as Jiwon’s heart. Thank you once again.”


Author Nat.O
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