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Actor Park Hae-jin has confessed about his divorced family; The unique affection he expressed for his family in the past had a reason behind it

On the 13th, in the SBS show ‘Our Little Sister’ (‘MiuSae’), Park Hae-jin appeared as a special MC. On this day, MC Shin Dong-yeop asked, “It’s not just Park Hae-jin living alone, right? You live with your family, your sister, and your nephew. It’s because of a certain situation when your family scattered apart during middle school, and then you reunited after a decade or so and started living together,” and asked for his story.

In response, Park Hae-jin revealed, “When I was young, my mother and father got divorced,” confessing about his parents’ divorce. He said, “I lived together with my sister and father until the third year of middle school. From the first year of high school to the first semester of the second year, I went to my maternal grandmother’s place and lived with her, while my sister lived with our paternal grandmother. I’ve been living with my mother since 16-17 years ago,” candidly revealing. He added, “I’ve been living with my eldest nephew since he was born, so we’ve been living together for 13 years. I raised my eldest nephew,” he said.

Park Hae-jin had previously confessed about his family history on a show, amidst controversies about his military service. He said, “When I was young, we moved around due to my parents’ divorce. After that, I started to become afraid of meeting people,” adding, “It wasn’t pathological. I was diagnosed with depression and social anxiety disorder after visiting the hospital.” He further expressed remorse, “I feel sorry for causing pain, especially to my sister who helped me a lot during my treatment. I feel sorry to my sister who is currently pregnant.” Not only that, Park Hae-jin’s mother also said, “It was a difficult time to handle alone. I think it was really tough. We all know the truth, so it’s okay. The truth will eventually come out,” expressing her trust in her son.

Furthermore, he shared, “When I went back home when I was young, my mother had left a letter and disappeared. When I met my mother again after 5 or 6 years, the first thing I said to her was, ‘Give me food.’ I wanted to eat the food she cooked,” and even revealed his mother’s restaurant.

In the actual episode of ‘MiuSae,’ Park Hae-jin’s mother, in a friendly manner, asked, “Is Kim Jong-kook’s mother still running her restaurant?” Park Hae-jin responded, “She’s not running it now. Even so, my mother, after seeing that your mother has recovered her health, she told me to get her contact information. She told me to contact her once,” he replied. It turns out that Kim Jong-kook’s mother was a regular customer at Park Hae-jin’s mother’s restaurant. Similar to his mother’s cooking skills, Park Hae-jin, who resembles his mother, drew attention by presenting bread and snack boxes he made himself as a gift for ‘MiuSae.’

Furthermore, during an interview about the 2020 MBC drama ‘From Now On, Showtime!’, Park Hae-jin revealed his playful side as a “nephew fool.” He said, “Just a while ago, on my birthday, my nephew wrote me a letter,” and recited, “Thank you for working hard to earn money and feed me. Add the 40th birthday. Squirt.” The nickname ‘Squirt’ originated from the fact that his nephew couldn’t properly pronounce ‘uncle’ when he was young. Since Park Hae-jin lived with his nephew, he has never given birth himself, so he felt tears welling up for no reason. He said, “It’s time for the kids to start talking like this,” expressing his affection.

Meanwhile, Park Hae-jin made his debut in 2006 through KBS2’s ‘Famous Princesses,’ gaining attention for his outstanding visuals and stable acting. Afterward, he appeared in various genres of works such as SBS’s ‘My Love from the Star,’ ‘Doctor Stranger,’ MBC’s ‘East of Eden,’ KBS2’s ‘My Daughter Seo-young,’ and JTBC’s ‘Man to Man.’ Especially, with ‘My Love from the Star,’ he established himself as a ‘representative Hallyu star’ gaining great popularity throughout Asia, including China. In 2020, he won the ‘MBC Drama Awards’ Grand Prize for his role in MBC’s ‘Old School Intern.’

Currently, Park Hae-jin is actively performing the role of Kim Mu-chan, a resolute and unshakable police officer, in the new SBS Thursday drama ‘National Death Penalty Vote,’ which premiered on the 10th.

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