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Actor Yoo Ah-in (real name Um Hong-shik, 37), who is accused of drug use, denied allegations of evidence tampering

On the morning of the 21st, Yoo Ah-in attended a substantive examination of an arrest warrant for violation of the Narcotics Control Act, evidence tampering, and fleeing the suspect, which was held before Judge Yoon Jae-nam of the Seoul Central District Court.

This substantive examination of Yoo Ah-in’s arrest warrant comes nearly four months after the first arrest warrant, requested by the police in May, was rejected. At that time, the court rejected Yoo Ah-in’s arrest warrant on the grounds that it was difficult to conclude that there were concerns about evidence tampering or fleeing.

As the prosecution requested a second arrest warrant for Yoo Ah-in, he faced a second crossroads in his detention. He appeared in court and said, “I am really sorry for causing concerns once again,” and added, “I will answer sincerely in court and honestly express my opinions.”

In particular, the prosecution, through three months of supplementary investigation, revealed that they have added allegations that Yoo Ah-in instructed an acquaintance to tamper with evidence during the narcotics-related investigation process and forced a companion to smoke marijuana while in the United States.

However, Yoo Ah-in vehemently denied the allegations of instructing evidence tampering and forcing marijuana smoking on an acquaintance.

Yoo Ah-in is accused of repeatedly purchasing and using medical narcotics, including propofol, for aesthetic surgery anesthesia, using hospitals in Seoul since 2020. He is also accused of obtaining and using sleeping pills under someone else’s name and of using marijuana and other narcotics in the United States in January with an acquaintance named Choi.


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