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Actor Yoon Kye Sang: Marriage brings cautious mindset and new roles

Actor Yoon Kye Sang (44) said he has become more cautious after marriage.

Yoon Kye Sang, who portrayed the clumsy kidnapper Kim Myung-jun in the ENA drama ‘Kidnapping Day’ (written by Kim Je-young/directed by Park Yu-young), shared his thoughts during an interview held at 11 a.m. on the 10th in Samcheong-dong, Seoul, as he embarked on his acting transformation.

‘Kidnapping Day’ is a comical buddy thriller drama that depicts the unique cooperation between an amateur kidnapper and an 11-year-old genius girl. Yoon Kye Sang, who has played various genres and characters in movies such as ‘The Outlaws,’ dramas like ‘Good Wife,’ ‘Crime Puzzle,’ and ‘Kiss Six Sense,’ takes on the role of a clumsy kidnapper who embarks on a strange journey with the determined girl, Ro-hee (played by Yoo-na).

His inherent cheerful and relaxed charm shines through in this role. Many have noted that the mischievous side he displayed during his days as a member of the group god has resurfaced. Yoon Kye Sang mentioned that he wanted to portray a character that is even more carefree and warm-hearted than the cool Myung-jun in the script. As a father, he wanted to challenge himself in paternal roles and expressed his desire to continue natural changes in his career that suit his age.

– You appeared on ‘god’s show’ during the Chuseok holiday. How was it?

▶ It was great. I thought, “What singers could perform on such a stage?” It was touching and moving. I think god is amazing. And I think I should live well from now on. I don’t go out of the house much. (laughs) I’m afraid something might happen if I do. I think I should age well. I don’t live my life with too many thoughts like before, but now I feel like I’m living my own life. I’m not the type to cause big problems on my own, so I think I should go on doing what I love while living like that.

– Did marriage bring any changes to your mindset?

▶ There are two aspects to it. Because I have a wife, I pay more attention to my wife’s life. It’s good to have a reliable partner in life. Because I’m a celebrity, I always think about whether she might be harmed. She also runs a business, so I worry even more. So, I don’t go out much.

– You appeared on ‘Newsroom’ and said, “I won’t be shaken.” Was there a reason for that?

▶ In a world overflowing with content, I’ve been thinking a lot during my long career. I wonder how I should act as an actor. I think I intended to work harder as an actor while contemplating that.

– Have you ever thought about playing roles as a grandfather as you get older?

▶ Even now, when it’s midnight, my grandfather’s face appears. (laughs) I can film it right at 12 o’clock.

– Do you have plans to play brighter characters?

▶ The work has to come in. I have so many thoughts. I try to avoid the works that I find interesting because I think they might be delayed. I want to take a different approach.

– After ‘High Kick,’ you seemed to want to avoid cheerful roles.

▶ That’s correct, but now I think the work has to be even more enjoyable for me to choose it.

– Do you have a target rating in mind?

▶ I hope it doesn’t drop. I believed in ratings, but I felt frustrated and despairing in the first week. When the numbers come out, it feels like people go crazy. I think everyone is like this. Even if they say it’s okay, it’s not. It’s because the ratings come out right away.

– How will the latter part of ‘Kidnapping Day’ unfold?

▶ The latter part is much better. The tension explodes. Yuna and Shinrook will too. They act very fiercely. Please watch. There is so much information and data in the world, but most people seem to want to solve it like homework. A moment when problems are solved with Myung-jun’s pure heart will come out. You’ll see a Myung-jun-like feeling.

– What are your plans for your next project?

▶ I’ve already filmed my next project. It will be released next year. It’s a completely different role. It’s a bit heavier. Please look forward to it.


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