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Actors’ reactions to Park Jin-young’s Blue Dragon film awards performance

Could it have been too experimental? The expressions of the actors who witnessed singer and producer Park Jin-young’s congratulatory performance at the Blue Dragon Film Awards on the 24th couldn’t hide their bewilderment.

On this day, girl group New Jeans and singer-producer Park Jin-young performed at the awards ceremony.

Park Jin-young performed for over 5 minutes, singing four songs. He didn’t sing an entire song but efficiently performed by dividing the main parts.He appeared for the first time wearing a dress reminiscent of an opera diva, and his makeup was also unconventional. Even more striking was the fact that about a minute after the performance began, two female dancers appeared and skillfully removed Park Jin-young’s dress.

Underneath, he was wearing another outfit, and he immediately launched into a dance performance.

The actors who witnessed his shocking performance up close couldn’t conceal their shock.

Ryu Jun-yeol, who was applauding, and Kim Sun-young couldn’t hide her astonishment with her wide-open mouth.

D.O and Krystal had expressions of nervousness, while Han Seung-hwa and Song Joong-ki watched the stage with worried expressions.

Viewers who have always been interested in actors’ reactions commented, “This was so shocking that it must have been difficult to act,” and “It must have been even more peculiar in person.” It was indeed striking even for viewers.

One netizen said, “Even while dancing, he seemed completely natural, so it was somewhat unsettling,” and “At the scene, the feeling must have been even more unique,” garnering understanding.

On this day, Park Jin-young also performed a joint performance with Kim Hye-soo, who retired from being an MC after 30 years with this award ceremony.


Author joyce.editor
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