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Actors Shin Min-ah and Kim Young-dae to meet in the unique romantic comedy ‘Because I Want No Loss’

On the 13th, Tving and tvN announced that Shin Min-ah and Kim Young-dae have been cast in the drama series ‘Because I Want No Loss’.

‘Because I Want No Loss’ is a romantic drama about a woman named ‘Son Hae-young’ who holds a fake wedding because she doesn’t want to suffer losses, and a man named ‘Kim Ji-wook’ who becomes her fake groom because he doesn’t want to harm her.

Actress Shin Min-ah has been cast in the role of ‘Son Hae-young’, who avoids losses in any situation, anytime, anywhere. She had to share her mother’s love with others from a young age and was always at a break-even point in her relationships. She even faced a crisis of missing a promotion at work. As a result, she decides to stage a fake wedding.

Shin Min-ah, who established herself as an irreplaceable romantic comedy queen through “Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha,” will arouse curiosity with her character ‘Son Hae-young’, who avoids losses at all costs.

Actor Kim Young-dae has been confirmed to play ‘Kim Ji-wook’, who is known as a citizen policeman and a neighborhood helper and works as a convenience store part-timer at night. He has a great work ethic and is always ready to help those in need in the neighborhood. When faced with an absurd proposal from ‘Son Hae-young’, a customer with an extreme personality, he accepts a fake groom part-time job and faces a new situation.

Kim Young-dae, who has proven his presence through works such as ‘D.P.’, will challenge a romance that transcends historical and contemporary settings through ‘Because I Want No Loss’ and will undergo another acting transformation.

With the meeting of romantic comedy masters Shin Min-ah and Kim Young-dae, ‘Because I Want No Loss’ is raising expectations once again. The drama is directed by Kim Jung-sik, who showed a witty style through Tving original series ‘Work Now, Drink Later’, and the script is written by Kim Hye-young, who depicted a solid story in ‘Her Private Life’.

The production team said, “‘Because I Want No Loss’ is a romantic comedy that can be enjoyed without calculation in the midst of a flood of various genres. It adds a relatable and realistic story, so it’s a drama that you won’t regret watching.”

The drama series ‘Because I Want No Loss’ ,which has garnered attention with the trusted combination of directing, acting, and writing, is scheduled to be released on Tving and tvN in 2024, and the specific release method is yet to be determined.


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