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Actress Go Ara to replace Go Ah-sung for lead role in the TVing original series ‘Spring Romance Story’ due to an injury

On the 12th, a broadcast industry official stated, “Recently, Go Ah-sung decided to withdraw from ‘Chunhwa Romance Story’ due to a recent injury. Go Ara has been confirmed to take over the role and is preparing for filming.”

Previously, Go Ah-sung suffered a spinal fracture during personal activities and was diagnosed with a 12-week recovery period. The thoracic vertebrae, located between the lumbar vertebrae (lower back) and the sacrum (tailbone), is an area where serious nerve damage can occur. Based on medical advice, he decided to focus on treatment for the time being, leading to the replacement of the lead role.

Go Ara will be portraying the role of Princess Hwari, which was originally assigned to Go Ah-sung. She will play the role of a royal princess who declares the unconventional method of choosing her husband herself, creating various romantic stories. With her distinctive charm, as seen in KBS 2TV’s ‘Hwarang’ and ‘Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol,’ she is expected to depict the spirited princess.

The drama will not only follow Princess Hwari’s journey to find love but also explore various aspects of royal palace intrigue. While handling a free-spirited love story, it will also incorporate elements of a “19+ rated historical romance.” Jang Yool will play the role of Choe Hwan, Princess Hwari’s first suitor, while SF9’s Chani will portray elite scholar Jang Won, sharing the screen with Go Ara.

The drama is set to be directed by Lee Kwang-young, who directed the KakaoTV drama ‘Daughter-in-Law,’ and written by Seo Eun-jung, known for ‘New Nonstop’ and ‘Obstetrics and Gynecology Doctors.’ The production will be a collaboration between Beyond J, known for ‘I Know But’ and SLL, which produced hits like ‘The Heirs.’

The production team plans to regroup soon and resume filming.


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