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Actress Jo Bo-ah reminisced about the time when she took on a leading role in her debut work

Recently, a video titled ‘Rowoon and Jo Bo-ah’s Favorite Character World Cup! [Literal Translation]’ was uploaded to the YouTube channel ‘Eaglory.’

The video contained the second episode of JTBC’s Thursday drama ‘Destined with You,’ featuring the two lead actors, Jo Bo-ah and Rowoon.

When asked if there was any opposition from his parents, Rowoon said, “They told me to do what I like. I was a trainee from the age of 16. I wasn’t good at studying. They asked me to work hard, but it didn’t work out,” making those around him laugh.

Jo Bo-ah, on the other hand, faced opposition. He revealed, “At the beginning, there was some resistance. I was living in Daejeon, and when I said I wanted to pursue acting, 12 years ago, there was a lot of fear. So, there was a lot of opposition.”

He spoke about the time when he felt that his parents trusted him, saying, “When I started to feel more enjoyment than hardship and pain from my work, they started looking at it more positively.”

Furthermore, Jo Bo-ah even took on a leading role in her debut work, ‘Shut Up Flower Boy Band.’ When asked about this, he honestly said, “After that one, I took on supporting roles.”

Regarding this, the host mentioned if his agency was good, saying, “It was a company where all the top stars were. The company nurtured those who would become the ‘Post Jun Ji-hyun.'” Jo Bo-ah debuted under SidusHQ, the same agency where Jun Ji-hyun was previously.


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