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Actress Son Ye-jin announced her first public golf outing in two years

On the 12th, a video titled ‘[Preview] The long-awaited fall golf, an even more welcome meeting with Yejin!’ was posted on the YouTube channel ‘Im Jin Han Class’.

In the released video, golfer Lim Jin-han expressed his happiness, saying, “We have invited everyone’s favorite Son Ye-jin.” Son Ye-jin, who reappeared on ‘Im Jin Han Class’ after two years, shook hands and said, “We met again.”

Then, Son Ye-jin smiled shyly and said, “I got married and had a child,” and said, “I got married and had a child,” and said, “I have a big change in two years.”

Lim Jin-han expressed his curiosity about Son Ye-jin’s golf skills, saying, “I heard that his golf skills must have improved a lot.” However, Son Ye-jin waved her hand and said, “That’s why I can’t play golf with people. They misunderstood.”

Also, when Im Jin-han praised him and said, “Your swing is so pretty even without practice,” Son Ye-jin responded, “No. Isn’t golf really easy? If the day goes well, you say, ‘Oh, I think I know now,’ but the next time you go out, it’s again “I play like an idiot,” he confessed in an embarrassed manner.

When Im Jin-han said, “I hit my tee shot well and missed my second shot,” Son Ye-jin expressed sympathy and said, “That’s right.” At the same time, he honestly talked about his golf mistakes, saying, “Well, why don’t you play one good hole before the last one? Just the 18th hole.”

At the end of the video, Son Ye-jin strengthened her resolve, saying, “This time I have to make par no matter what. I have to be very good at my first shot.”

Along with this, the image of Son Ye-jin standing on the field was depicted. Son Ye-jin showed off her innocent charm by wearing her white cap hat, top, and golf skirt with her long straight hair down. However, she impressed everyone by showing off her powerful swing.

Meanwhile, Son Ye-jin married actor Hyun Bin, who was of the same age as her, in March of last year, and gave birth to a son in November of the same year.


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