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“Armageddon”: aespa is making a comeback with their 1st full-length album

aespa is making a comeback with their first full-length album, “Armageddon”.

SM Entertainment announced on the 22nd that aespa will make a comeback with their debut full-length album “Armageddon” on May 27.

aespa revealed the double title track “Supernova” from their first full-length album “Armageddon” through various music sites on May 13 at 6:00 PM (KST).

They will release a total of 10 tracks, including the title track “Armageddon”, featuring energetic hip-hop, bright and cheerful dance tracks, rhythmic modern pop, and even a ballad, on May 27 at 6:00 PM (KST).

This album marks aespa’s first full-length album in four years since their debut. It promises to be a well-made piece that not only showcases aespa’s deepened musical world and messages but also encapsulates aespa’s concept and identity with the narrative of expanding beyond the real world and digital world into a multi-dimensional universe, representing aespa’s world view season 2.

Since their impactful debut with “Black Mamba” in 2020, aespa solidified their position as a global hitmaker by continuously achieving multi-hit songs such as “Next Level”, “Savage”, “Spicy”, and “Drama”.


Author Nat.O
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