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“Chaebol x Detective”: Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun confirmed for SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama set to air in January 2024

Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun confirmed for SBS’s new Friday-Saturday drama “Chaebol X Detective”: Set to air in January 2024

On the 15th, SBS officially announced that the new Friday-Saturday drama ‘Chaebol X Detective’ (written by Kim Bada, directed by Kim Jaehong) is set to air in January next year, confirming the casting of leads Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun.

The drama revolves around the unprecedented story of a third-generation chaebol who becomes a powerful detective, facing off against money with money and power with power. This drama marks the return of SBS’s beloved Friday-Saturday Universe, known for its comical character play and exciting narratives seen in popular series like ‘Yumi’s Cells,’ ‘A Model Detective,’ ‘Taxi Driver,’ and the ‘Wonder Woman’ series.

Kim Bada, the writer of ‘My Name,’ and director Kim Jaehong, known for ‘Readers of the Evil Mind’ and ‘Ghost,’ join forces to create a witty and tense comedic action investigation drama.

Ahn Bo-hyun takes on the role of Jin Isu, a carefree third-generation chaebol who becomes a parachute detective. Jin Isu uses not only the vast wealth and connections of his chaebol family but also his sharp intellect, quick thinking, and various acquired activity skills to eliminate criminals. 

Having showcased a wide range of character roles in productions like ‘Descendants of the Sun,’ ‘Itaewon Class,’ ‘My Name,’ ‘Doom at Your Service,’ and ‘Please Don’t Date Him,’ Ahn Bo-hyun’s transformation into an “Young and Rich Chicken Hero” is eagerly anticipated.

Park Ji-hyun plays Lee Kanghyun, a detective who loves solving crimes, making her the first female team leader in the powerful crime world. Lee Kanghyun is a veteran detective who risks her life to arrest criminals but also possesses a mix of toughness and tenderness. 

Park Ji-hyun, known for her elegant and sophisticated image in dramas like ‘Do You Like Brahms?’ and ‘The Penthouse,’ undergoes a dramatic transformation into a bold and charismatic detective.

The drama is also gaining attention for the reunion of Ahn Bo-hyun and Park Ji-hyun, who previously displayed perfect chemistry in the drama ‘Yumi’s Cells,’ creating an engaging relationship between a disguised male and female best friends that captivated viewers.

SBS’s ambitious new work, ‘Chaebol X Detective,’ is scheduled to premiere in January 2024 as part of the SBS Friday-Saturday Universe.

gie | seoha 🤞 on X: "Chaebol x Detective is confirmed to be a SBS Friday-Saturday and willl be aired on January 2024 Really really excited for my yumi's cells babies woong


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