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Ahn Bo-hyun has cleared up the script controversy that arose in 2023

Ahn Bo-hyun has cleared up the script controversy that arose last year.

Recently, Ahn Bo-hyun conducted an interview for the conclusion of the SBS Friday-Saturday drama “Flex X Cop” at a cafe in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul.

Flex x Cop (TV Series 2024-2024) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Previously, he became embroiled in a controversy over his character after a behind-the-scenes video from tvN’s “Yumi’s Cells,” released in August last year and September 2021, gained attention.

In a problematic scene, Ahn Bo-hyun was seen leaning on a table while someone next to him, a female staff member, held the script. This sparked controversy as some netizens speculated, “Couldn’t he hold the script himself? Did he deliberately ask the staff member to hold it?” These comments spread through various online communities, leading to speculation about Ahn Bo-hyun’s involvement in the script controversy.

He faced excessive malicious comments due to this incident, but his agency did not respond.

Fortunately, a female staff member who was the costume stylist in the video clarified in an interview with a media outlet, saying, “There was a sudden change in the schedule, so I was showing the script to inform him. The speculation about the script controversy is ridiculous. Ahn Bo-hyun didn’t ask me to hold the script at all.”

With this clarification, the script controversy surrounding Ahn Bo-hyun ended as a mere happening.

In reality, Ahn Bo-hyun has not caused any significant controversies during his career in the entertainment industry and is known for his good character. Therefore, at that time, Ahn Bo-hyun must have felt very unjust. However, neither his agency nor Ahn Bo-hyun himself made any official statements, keeping their mouths shut.

Ahn Bo-hyun expressed, “I was also very surprised at the time. I thought if people who don’t know see it, they might misunderstand. I have a family-like relationship with that friend. We have been working together for 12 to 13 years without ever changing, so I didn’t think it would be controversial. Even if I said ‘No,’ it would only be an excuse, and both my friend and I would have a hard time.”

He continued, “I don’t know if it’s resolved now, but there was never such a big problem in the first place. If there was, I wouldn’t have been able to work with that friend for 12 to 13 years. Even if I said ‘No’ then, would things have gotten better? It seemed like it would only become more cumbersome. I thought it would be enough if only the people who knew us knew. The stylist team even felt sorry. We didn’t think it was a big deal. We’re still close to each other.” He clarified that the script controversy was groundless.

Ahn Bo-hyun will appear in the movie “2 O’Clock Date,” scheduled to be released in June. The story follows young unemployed Gil-goo, who starts a part-time job monitoring Seon-ji, who wakes up as a demon every midnight, experiencing bizarre experiences. YoonA, Sung Dong-il, and Joo Hyun-young also star. It is the second commercial film by director Lee Sang-geun, who drew 9.42 million viewers with the movie “EXIT.”

Exit (2019) - IMDb



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