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Ahn Hyoseop wraps up asian tour: ‘THE PRESENT SHOW – Here and now once more’

Actor Ahn Hyoseop is wrapping up his Asian tour with a Seoul encore performance.

On November 25th, 5 PM, Ahn Hyoseop will meet with fans at Korea University’s Hwajeong Gymnasium for an encore performance titled ‘THE PRESENT SHOW – Here and Now Once More.’

Ahn Hyoseop’s first Asian tour, ‘THE PRESENT SHOW – Here and Now,’ which had previously boasted sold-out shows, began in July and has been held in countries including Seoul, Bangkok, Taipei, Jakarta, Hong Kong, and Manila. The tour’s final performance in Japan is upcoming. Ahn Hyoseop’s agency, The Present Company, has announced that the Seoul encore performance will mark the end of his first Asian tour.

Ahn Hyoseop poured his unique passion into planning the tour and actively participated in every stage, always keeping fans in mind. With each performance, he showcased fantastic live skills and a relaxed stage manner, providing happy moments for global fans beyond South Korea. He also demonstrated genuine affection for his fans through actions such as being willing to do anything for them and sharing heartfelt talks about the characters he has portrayed in various works. This charm captivated audiences across Asia.

From the beginning to the end, the tour received an overwhelming response and left a lasting impression on fans, leading to a surge in requests for additional performances. In response to the fans’ desires, Ahn Hyoseop will once again communicate with his fans through the encore performance, raising their excitement. Furthermore, this performance hints at a new band format, increasing expectations for the show.

While soothing the hearts of fans who couldn’t attend previous shows, Ahn Hyoseop is also teasing a splendid finale. As the title of the performance suggests, fans can anticipate a time that feels like a gift, with singing, dancing, acting, and a complete showcase of Ahn Hyoseop’s passionate sincerity. All eyes are on what kind of experience he will present to fans until the very end.


Author joyce.editor
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