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AKMU’s Lee Chan-hyuk surprised his younger sister Lee Su-hyun with a performance alongside actress Lee Sung-kyung

On the 29th, the first recording of the KBS2 music talk show “The Seasons – AKMU’s Morning Night (hereinafter ‘Morning Night’)” took place at Yeouido KBS.

Artists who made their first appearance on the “Morning Night” stage in front of the audience were singer Lee Juck, BIBI, actress Lee Sung-kyung, and DJ 250. The artists met the audience with diverse charms and witty conversations through music.

Lee Sung-kyung showed full support for her labelmate AKMU with meticulous preparation. Starting with a duet stage of “Love Is an Open Door” with Lee Chan-hyuk, she went on to perform the dance for “Hype Boy” by NewJeans as well as playing the piano. She showcased her excellent singing skills by singing “Solar System” by Sung Si-kyung.

Lee Sung-kyung’s stage for “Hype Boy” was performed together with Lee Chan-hyuk. She decorated the ending with a surprise heart gesture with Lee Chan-hyuk. Lee Su-hyun was astonished by her brother’s unexpected gesture.

On the same day at 1 PM (KST), during the production presentation, Lee Chan-hyuk showcased a Bluetooth heart gesture that couldn’t reach Lee Su-hyun. The scene where their hands barely touched while creating the heart seemed like a big event to the siblings.

The unexpected heart gesture from her brother, especially with Lee Sung-kyung, invoked an adorable reaction from Lee Su-hyun.

Meanwhile, “The Seasons – AKMU’s Morning Night” will premiere on September 1st at 10 PM (KST) on Friday.


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