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An Hyun-mo embarked on a trip abroad for her first holiday after divorce

An Hyun-mo embarked on a trip abroad for her first holiday after divorce.

On the 11th, An Hyun-mo shared photos and videos of her overseas trip with the caption “What if I gain a little weight!”

In the images, she is seen enjoying leisurely time by a palm tree-lined pool, drinking coffee, reading several books, and indulging in delicious bread and pasta during his travels.

This trip marks An Hyun-mo’s first overseas holiday since her divorce, now leading the life of a single woman and enjoying solo travel adventures.

Meanwhile, An Hyun-mo married rapper and producer Rhymer, the CEO of Brand New Music, in 2017. However, they finalized their divorce settlement in November of last year, citing differences in personality.

Regarding her divorce, An Hyun-mo expressed that it was his first failure in life, stating, “I grew up in a good environment under good parents, went to a good university, and got a good job. I lived without any major setbacks, so this is the first time I felt weak.”

She further added, “Until now, I never made a wrong choice, so I thought marriage was a series of happiness. Because everyone around me seemed to be doing well. But now I wonder, how could I have made such a significant decision about marriage so easily and hastily? Looking back, I feel immature and ignorant.”

Recently, she also shared his concerns about life, saying, “I’m worried about how to live. My productivity is a bit low lately. I feel a sense of crisis. I’ve always worked hard and diligently, with goals in mind. But now, it seems like everything is fine even if I stay still.”


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