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Following Yoo Ah-in’s drug scandal, another top movie actor ‘L’ under drug investigation: “Entertainment industry in ‘great disarray'”

Entertainment industry’s ongoing battle with drug scandals: L’s investigation adds to the chaos

On the 19th, it was reported that another top movie actor, L, is under investigation on drug-related charges by the Incheon Metropolitan Police Agency’s Drug Crime Investigation Unit. In addition to L, an aspiring entertainer, the owner of an entertainment establishment, and employees have also come under investigation for drug-related charges.

L, who made his debut in 2001 through an MBC sitcom, is known as a top star who has appeared in many hit dramas and films. A representative from L’s agency also stated to Sports Chosun on the 19th, “We are currently verifying the situation.”

Following L’s drug scandal, the entertainment industry has been thrown into great confusion.

Currently, L has four projects waiting in the wings: two films that are preparing for release, a drama that started filming this month, and an upcoming OTT series, all of which feature L in leading roles.

Due to this recent drug scandal, there is a high possibility that the projects will be postponed indefinitely, or the lead role might be recast, leading to reshoots.

Before L, the entertainment industry had already been greatly shocked by a major drug scandal involving a top star. Earlier this year, Yoo Ah-in became the central figure in a large-scale drug scandal.

Yoo Ah-in has been charged with allegedly purchasing and using anesthetic drugs for aesthetic procedures at a hospital in Seoul over 200 times, worth a total of 500 million won, since 2020.

He is also charged with illegally obtaining and using sleeping pills, 1,000 in total, under someone else’s name. In addition, during a trip to the United States with three acquaintances, including a person named Choi, in January, he is accused of using narcotics such as cocaine and marijuana.

Yoo Ah-in was also indicted for forcing his companions to smoke marijuana and instructing them to destroy evidence during the drug investigation process.

As a result, Yoo Ah-in’s upcoming projects have all been halted. Yoo Ah-in had been preparing for the release and premiere of two films, ‘Winning’ (directed by Kim Hyoung-ju) and ‘High Five’ (directed by Kang Hyoung-chul), and a Netflix series, ‘The Fool of the End’ (screenplay by Jung Seong-joo, directed by Kim Jin-min).

However, due to Yoo Ah-in’s major drug scandal, all of these projects have been suspended. Furthermore, it was announced that he was set to appear in a sequel to the Netflix series ‘Hell’ (written and directed by Yeon Sang-ho and Choi Kyu-sok), which garnered significant attention when it was released in November 2021, but his appearance was canceled, and the filming proceeded with another actor.

An entertainment industry insider, speaking to the publication, expressed concerns: “The entertainment industry has been greatly shaken by the drug scandals of top stars from the first half of the year until the second half. Many of Yoo Ah-in’s unreleased works are still pending, and the losses are considerable. If L, who is involved in this scandal, also faces repercussions, it will lead to significant confusion. In particular, a blockbuster film with an investment of nearly 20 billion won (approximately $16.5 million USD) that may not be released due to this scandal could place the entire film industry in an unprecedented crisis.”


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