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Former T-ara member Areum addressed allegations of financial fraud

Former T-ara member Areum addressed allegations of financial fraud.

On the 19th, a video titled ‘Why Did T-ara Areum Break Up with Her Boyfriend?’ was uploaded to YouTuber Lee Jin-ho’s channel ‘Entertainment President.’

In the video, Lee Jin-ho revealed a phone conversation he had with Areum, where she stated, “I have sent all the evidence and stories regarding the threats I received.”

Areum, announcing her breakup with her boyfriend A, stated, “I have never scammed with that person, and I continued to stay with him for several months because of assault and threats,” adding, “The accusations of confinement and coercion are true. There was a time when I was forced to stay at that house and ran away after being held hostage. I have never engaged in gambling.”

Lee Jin-ho expressed skepticism about Areum’s claim of being a unilateral victim, as she had directly called fans to borrow money and interacted with viewers through internet broadcasts. He further stated that Areum clarified, “I mentioned my children in a situation where I was assaulted and confined,” and that she gained the courage to speak up as she is currently separated from her children and has fled, adding that the DMs sent to fans were from a time when she was under the influence and were sent by A.

Lee Jin-ho emphasized the importance of verifying the source and use of the money, stating, “(Areum) received money through her account, but upon checking the source, most of the money flowed to A’s account.” He explained that if 1 million won came in, 1 million won went out to A’s account.

She stated her position to sue A to the police to clarify the truth.

A’s rebuttal was also included. Lee Jin-ho mentioned, “It’s a peculiar case. A claims that Lee Areum continues to make suspicious claims even though she is pregnant. He even claimed that she drank alcohol during pregnancy and countered that he is the victim.”

In an audio conversation between Lee Jin-ho and A, A warned, “I don’t want to lie about this incident. Don’t be swayed by Lee Areum’s DM,” mentioning the odd mention of ‘Cosmic Emperor’ in their conversation. Lee Jin-ho also mentioned, “A claimed that he was coached into confessing to Lee Areum by saying things like ‘the Cosmic Emperor ordered it,’ and he is being threatened by the recording.”

In conclusion, Lee Jin-ho summarized, “Investigation assistance from law enforcement agencies is needed to verify the truth. Both sides need to be thoroughly investigated.”

She announced her divorce news last December along with news of her remarriage to A. Subsequently, she became embroiled in controversy over allegations of embezzling money from fans and acquaintances with A. Recently, rumors of Areum and A’s breakup have surfaced.


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