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Lee Ji-hoon’s wife Ayane has left overseas for prenatal care travel

Lee Ji-hoon’s wife Ayane has left overseas for prenatal care travel.

On the 4th, she proudly announced, “I came to Danang. Prenatal care travel.”

Ayane shared news of her safe journey from Korea to Danang, showing off a beautiful accommodation.

Expressing her happiness by saying, “We’ll be in Singapore soon,” Ayane found healing while enjoying the beautiful scenery of Danang.

Meanwhile, Ayane and Lee Ji-hoon got married in 2021 despite a 14-year age gap.

She personally announced her pregnancy news on the 16th and received many congratulations. She revealed, “I underwent IVF at a young age,” and confessed, “After sending off the baby at 8 weeks during the first IVF surgery, I couldn’t talk about the disappointment, pain, and mental anguish I experienced during the IVF process and preparation for pregnancy.” She admitted to experiencing the pain of miscarriage once.

However, she expressed her heartfelt gratitude, saying, “Now, our jelly has come to us,” and continued, “Our precious baby, who is already 19 weeks old, is so precious and lovable that tears come to my eyes just thinking about it. I will raise our baby safely and healthily in my womb.”


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