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YG’s new girl group, BABYMONSTER, have finally debuted powerfully

BABYMONSTER are finally revealed.

YG Entertainment posted the “BABYMONSTER – ’BATTER UP ‘D-1′” poster on its official blog on the 26th.

베이비몬스터. YG 엔터테인먼트

The members said, “We are really happy because it is the day when we achieve a dream we have dreamed of for a long time,” and added, “We did our best to show our unique colors that have never been seen before. “Starting with our debut, we are preparing a variety of things to reward fans’ waiting 100 times, so please look forward to it.”

BABYMONSTER imprints their unique presence with “BATTER UP”. Like the title referring to the call sign of the next batter in a baseball game, it contains a confident and confident message as a ‘game changer’ that will change the landscape of the global music market.

The music combines dynamic tracks, kitschy hook parts, and YG’s unique deep hip-hop flavor. The powerful bass line and siren sound that creates tension are also impressive. The swirling composition toward the end, combined with the energy of the six members, provides a thrilling sense of pleasure.

BABY, MONSTER – It’s an ironic combination, but the group name that combines them is their identity. Even though they are young (BABY), they have the skills of a monster (MONSTER). They are all-rounders who encompass vocals, rap, and dance, and the harmony of each member is unique.

This is also the reason why interest is focused on the “BATTER UP” music video, which contains the faces of the six members who have been reborn as complete members. The filming was successfully completed over the course of 5 days. The point choreography of making cool swings and watching the ball jump over the fence, group dances performed on a large scale, and individual scenes that maximize each person’s charm were captured with sensuous visual beauty.

BABYMONSTER has already secured a global fandom by proving its skills with a variety of content prior to its debut, including a dense introduction to the members, a highly complete cover video, and “Last Evaluation”, which contains the process of reaching the final gateway. The number of subscribers to the official YouTube channel is 3.27 million, and the cumulative number of views is close to 500 million.

The pre-debut song “DREAM”, released in May, reached the top of the US Billboard “Hot Trending Songs” chart. In addition, the UK’s NME focused on their debut process, calling them an ‘all-rounder’ group.

The US Billboard selected them as ‘K-pop artists to watch’ and predicted, “They will create a new wave in the K-pop genre.”


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