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“Stuck In The Middle”: BABYMONSTER unleashes overwhelming vocal prowess in the pre-release track

BABYMONSTER unleashes overwhelming vocal prowess in pre-release track “Stuck In The Middle”.

BABYMONSTER showcased their extraordinary vocal abilities in their pre-release track, “Stuck In The Middle”, released at midnight on the 1st. Diverging from their powerful hip-hop debut track “BATTER UP”, the group hinted at a different charm with a pop ballad genre, capturing the immense interest of global music fans.

The members’ pure and emotional voices delved deep into the listeners’ hearts. Expressing the initial confusion of encountering a perplexing love with restrained emotions, they led the audience into a beautiful fantasy fairy tale world akin to the music video.

The vocals effortlessly transitioned between believability and authenticity, exhibiting an impressive vocal range that seamlessly alternates between genuine and artificial tones. Additionally, the enchanting vocal colors of solo parts, combined with the soaring high notes in the latter part, created a perfect harmony, leaving a profound impression.

The music video received praise for the beautiful dress visuals of the members and its dreamlike cinematography, perfectly complementing the song. Despite being a ballad without flashy dance performances, the video achieved 210,000 concurrent viewers on YouTube Premiere immediately after release. Within 10 hours, it surpassed 3.6 million views.

Furthermore, as the song features lyrics entirely in English, it strategically targets global fan sentiments. “Stuck In The Middle” received acclaim from music fans, securing the top spot on iTunes song charts in eight countries simultaneously upon release, expanding its popularity.

BABYMONSTER plans to release their first mini-album on April 1st, following this pre-release track. With member Ahyun’s return, they will be active as a seven-member group. Noteworthy recognition from the recent Grammy Awards, following their acknowledgment by Billboard, raises expectations for their future endeavors after the mini-album release.


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