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Baekho: “I Want to Show My Sexy Side Soon”

Singer Baekho knew his own charms quite well. In order to maximize his strengths, he diligently exercises to shape his body and finds outfits that suit him. He also honestly revealed that he goes to tanning salons to achieve the right skin tone.

“I consider my sensual and sexy image to be one of my major strengths. Since many people respond positively to it, my confidence has been growing, and it even affects the song selection process. Through the song ‘Elevator,’ I want to emphasize my sexy side. I hope to perform on music shows soon to show my true self.”

Recently, Baekho returned with the digital single project ‘the [bæd] time,’ and he shared his thoughts about the project, his admiration for the original artist Park Jin Young, and his direction for his activities in an interview with ‘Sports Kyunghyang.’

After releasing his first solo album ‘Absolute Zero’ in October of last year, Baekho returns with the first song ‘Elevator’ from the digital single project ‘the [bæd] time’ on the 31st at 6 PM (KST). ‘The [bæd] time’ is a digital single project that encapsulates Baekho’s courageous challenges as an artist.

“Every time I release a new song, I feel excited. Because it’s a well-known song, I’m curious about the reactions from those who know the original version, as well as from those who are hearing it for the first time. I want to evoke nostalgia in those who know the original and convey this feeling to those who are hearing it for the first time.”

Remaking a song from 1995 by Park Jin Young, Baekho showcases his mature and sensual charm through ‘Elevator.’

“Even without a specific intention, there are people who view me sensually, so I realized once again that this is my strength. The song ‘Elevator’ is also the song that marks the start of the project and I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be good if it’s bold?’ I want to emphasize my sexy side through this song.”

■ “I’m curious about how senior Park Jin Young will react.”

‘Elevator’ solidifies Park Jin Young’s sexy star image. How different is Baekho’s version of ‘Elevator’?

“The lyrics of the original song depict a situation where two people are alone in an elevator. In my version, I wanted to portray a scene where sparks fly between two people when the elevator is crowded. While it still takes place inside an elevator, the keyword is the thrilling situation that everyone can recognize from my gesture alone.”

Baekho, who has always liked Park Jin Young, felt that his respect for him grew even more as he prepared for the remake.

“I think I’ve seen all the available material of his performances. Instead of just enjoying those stages, I looked for them to better my remake and understand the song better. As a result, I could only think of myself as a player. But after watching those stages, I became even more respectful. At that time, I thought, ‘How could he stage so boldly and come up with such ideas?’ I was impressed once again that he’s an amazing person.”

While there was no pressure due to the song being already well-known, Baekho was thankful and looked forward to Park Jin Young’s reaction.

“I got permission to release the song, but I haven’t met him yet. I haven’t had direct communication with him. So, I’m curious and nervous about how he will listen to this song after its release. I want to do a challenge together with the senior. If he says he’ll film it, I can go to either HIVE or JYP.”

■ “I’m trying to find the activity style that suits me.”

Entering his 12th year since his debut, Baekho expressed his desire to show more frequent activities.

“I hope to show more diverse sides in the future. For example, the way you direct a concert varies depending on the scale of the venue. I’d like to show my fans many different aspects of me. I want to do all the activities that can be done in large concert halls and small venues.”

Debuting with NU’EST in 2012, Baekho temporarily suspended group activities in 2017 and participated as a trainee in the variety show ‘Produce 101 Season 2.’ After that, he was active with NU’EST W and NU’EST as a complete group, and he’s been expanding his scope of activities since the group disbanded last year.

“It’s not a big role, but I’m also doing drama filming. I found the people working on the set so cool, and the atmosphere was very attractive. Whenever the opportunity arises, I want to try acting as well. Also, coincidentally, I participated in three musicals. I used to hide a lot, so practicing for musicals was quite challenging for me, but knowing that there are people supporting me made me think, ‘Let’s try it once.’ Such feelings make me want to keep trying new activities.”

However, he also emphasized not missing out on what he can do best.

“I feel the most thrilled when I’m on stage. Seeing the happy expressions of fans on the stage makes me so happy. So, I think I want to be more active and frequent. I’ve prepared really hard this time.”


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