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Baekho heated up the last night of 2023 by performing “Elevator” at “Gayo Daejeon”

Baekho heated up the last night of 2023 by performing “Elevator” at “Gayo Daejeon”.

On the 31st of last month, Baekho performed the first song “Elevator” of the digital single project “the [bæd] time” at the “2023 Gayo Daejeon Dream Record” (hereinafter referred to as Gayo Daejeon).

Baekho creates a sticky atmosphere with an intense pair dance, like the breathtaking lyrics of “Elevator”. His soft yet powerful dance lines heightened the sense of immersion.

Baekho’s stage costume, which was a mix of enamel material and see-through material, also stood out. Baekho’s powerful vocals and dynamic performance that left no time to breathe added to create the ultimate sexy stage.

Baekho’s “Elevator” is a song that reinterprets Park Jin-young’s song released in 1995 with a new jack swing genre with a cheerful rhythm. Baekho’s unique energetic side and more mature vocals received a positive response with a different charm from the original song.

Baekho said through his agency Pledis, “2024 is Gapjin, the year of the blue dragon. I hope that with that energy, everything goes smoothly for everyone. I plan to come to you in various ways, so please look forward to it.”


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