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“Between Him and Her” actors Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol’s lovely two-shot stills have been released

“Between Him and Her” actors Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol’s lovely two-shot stills have been released.

Channel A’s new Tuesday drama “Between Him and Her” (written by Park Sang-min/directed by Lee Yu-yeon, Park Sang-min/planned by Channel A/produced by Studio Goat, The Great Show), which will be aired for the first time at 10:30 pm (KST) on Tuesday 26th December, marks the 7th anniversary of the meeting. It is a work about a realistic, relatable love story of young people wandering in love and boredom, who encounter each other while standing next to someone of the opposite sex in front of a motel elevator at night.

This work, which contains the different love stories of three couples and the passionate growing pains of youth, is based on the webtoon “Between Him and Her” (author Hyeon-no), which was so loved by readers that it ranked first in Naver Webtoon ratings.

Lee Dong-hae plays the role of Jeong Hyeon-seong, a fashion designer who launched a street fashion brand and is in a long-term relationship of 7 years, while Lee Seol plays the role of Han Seong-ok, a jewelry designer with a strong dream of her own and Hyun-seong’s girlfriend.

While the visual combination of Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol, who boast a close synchronization with the original characters, is attracting attention, a two-shot still of the two people full of lovely appearances has been released and is attracting attention. The two people, whose chemistry explodes with excitement just by looking at them, tell a realistic love story that anyone who has experienced love from the early stages of a relationship to the 7th year of a relationship will sympathize with.

The production team said, “Lee Dong-hae and Lee Seol has handled any situation well so that the character can be easily understood. It will evoke deep sympathy as if we are watching the characters around us rather than watching the characters in the drama, so please show a lot of interest and watch.”


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