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“Bam Yang Gang”: Bibi has finally achieved a ‘chart all-kill’

Bibi has finally achieved a ‘chart all-kill’ with “Bam Yang Gang”.

As of the 26th, Bibi‘s “Bam Yang Gang” has climbed to the top of major domestic music sites’ daily and real-time charts, achieving a ‘chart all-kill’ just 13 days after its release.

What’s even more surprising about “Bam Yang Gang” taking the top spot is that it surpassed all the strong contenders. Before and after the release of “Bam Yang Gang”, popular K-pop groups from major entertainment companies such as (G)I-DLE, LE SSERAFIM, TWICE, and TWS, as well as the absolute powerhouse IU, were in the mix.

Especially notable is that IU couldn’t reach the top of the daily chart the day after her album release, a rare occurrence since 2009’s ‘Marshmallow,’ showing just how remarkable the popularity of ‘Night Crab’ is.

The reason behind the popularity of “Bam Yang Gang” is first and foremost attributed to ‘good music.’ With Jang Ki-ha taking charge of lyrics, composition, and arrangement, Bibi’s bright yet poignant voice adds to the charm of “Bam Yang Gang” completing a melody that captivates listeners in one breath.

Furthermore, the lyrics with Jang Ki-ha’s unique flavor and Bibi’s lovely yet not just sweet charm can be considered the highlight of “Bam Yang Gang”. The perfect combination of good music and a singer who brings it to life has completely captivated listeners.

This popularity of Bibi and “Bam Yang Gang” reflects positively on the entire music industry. The music industry has long suffered from a shortage of female solo singers.

Currently, IU and Taeyeon are considered the representatives of the female solo singers in the music industry. However, Taeyeon is part of Girls’ Generation, and IU is essentially the only singer who has debuted as a solo artist from the beginning and reached the top.

Moreover, since IU, there hasn’t been a clear successor among female solo singers for a long time. In this situation, with the hit of “Bam Yang Gang”, Bibi has rapidly emerged as the most likely candidate to fill that void.

In fact, Bibi’s potential and talent have long been recognized, but there has been one regret: the absence of a popular hit song. However, with ‘Night Crab,’ that last regret has been resolved. Now, with Bibi cementing her name in the history of female solo singers, there is no one left to oppose it.

It is also interesting that Bibi follows in IU’s footsteps to become the representative female solo singer in the music industry. This is because there was a saying among Bibi’s early stories, ‘Become a vulgar IU.’

In reality, both IU and Bibi debuted at a young age and rose to the top of the music industry with outstanding skills. However, their charms are somewhat similar yet different.

While IU, who grew from ‘Nation’s Little Sister’ to ‘Nation’s Singer,’ exudes an aura of ‘I’ve matured now and know everything!’ with each comeback, Bibi gives off a vibe of ‘Oh my! I don’t know anything!’ from the beginning, even though she knows it all.

If you imagine Bibi actively engaging in skinship with the audience at performances, spraying contraceptives in the venue, and kissing, juxtaposed with Bibi shyly searching for “Bam Yang Gang”, you’ll easily understand what this means. It’s not for nothing that Bibi has been dubbed the ‘dark IU.’

In this way, the hit of “Bam Yang Gang” has bestowed many things upon Bibi. Now that Bibi has claimed her spot at the top, there is already anticipation for what music she will present next.

Listen to Bibi’s “Bam Yang Gang” here!


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