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Big Hit Music has expressed its intention to continue legal action against acts infringing upon the rights of BTS

Big Hit Music, BTS’s agency, has expressed its intention to continue legal action against acts infringing upon the rights of artists.

On the 29th, Big Hit Music, BTS‘s agency, stated, “During this quarter, we have collected evidence materials regarding acts that infringe upon the rights of artists, including insults and defamation collected through reports from fans and our own monitoring, and have submitted numerous complaints to investigative agencies.”

They continued, “Regarding the impersonation of BTS members and the leakage of unreleased music, as announced in the previous notice, the accused who were additionally criminally charged conveyed their apologies before the sentencing, but our position of no agreement was made clear. As a result, in addition to the existing sentence, further imprisonment has been imposed.”

Furthermore, they emphasized, “For clear criminal acts such as impersonation of members and unauthorized collection and leakage of information, we will take strong legal actions until the end, even if it takes time.”

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BTS stated, “Despite all artists being in the midst of fulfilling their military duties, monitoring and collecting malicious postings targeting BTS as a whole and individual members are being conducted in real-time. Especially, for malicious postings related to the artists’ military service being maliciously manipulated and spread, we are responding firmly without tolerance across all channels, including SNS, websites, and online communities.”

They added, “Those who have posted dozens of defamatory comments and used insults for the purpose of mockery have been prosecuted for defamation and insult charges after a long period of investigation since 2022, and the court has found them guilty and sentenced them to fines of up to several million won.”

The agency also mentioned that depending on the case, civil lawsuits are being filed along with criminal charges, and they are responding rigorously.

The collection, reporting, and legal responses to malicious postings against BTS are ongoing. Legal actions will continue without interruption even during the members’ military service period. There will be no compromise or leniency towards suspects.

They requested active reporting through the Big Hit Music legal response account in the future.

They expressed gratitude for the fans’ affection and dedication towards BTS and reiterated their continuous efforts to protect the artists’ rights.


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