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BIGBANG’s Daesung is unanimously casted: “Friendly and pioneering Japanese culture”

BIGBANG‘s Daesung is unanimously casted: “Friendly and pioneering Japanese culture” 

Author No Yoon expressed confidence in the survival music variety show ‘Active King,’ which will premiere on November 28th.

The MBN entertainment show ‘Active King,’ which will first air on November 28th, is a survival program that selects the top 7 active female trot singers who will participate in the ‘Korea-Japan Trot King Battle’ scheduled for 2024. The show is produced by Seo Hye-jin, the creator of ‘Miss Trot,’ ‘Mister Trot,’ and ‘Burning Trotman.’

In relation to this, author No Yoon, who is responsible for planning ‘Active King,’ revealed the planning and birth process of ‘Active King’ and answered seven questions related to the production.

**Q1. What is the intention behind planning the survival music variety show ‘Active King,’ and what are your thoughts on its launch?**

After participating in trot auditions several times, I thought it would be interesting to properly deal with active singers at least once. Active singers are essentially the core of the trot scene in Korea, but in previous auditions, they were only dealt with in one department. Watching the intense lives of active singers, I was curious about the stories that would emerge if they were pitted against each other. To make the show more intense and to tell real stories, I changed the format to strengthen the survival elements compared to previous auditions and added several dramatic devices.

In fact, on the first day of recording, screams and tears were staged, creating a scene where everything unfolds unpredictably. Through the unpredictable progress of the survival, there will be not only the restraint and competition of active singers but also the laughter and emotion that their solidarity brings.

**Q2. How is the progress of the launch of ‘Trot Girl in Japan,’ the Japanese version of ‘Burning Trotman,’ and what is the local reaction?**

The fact that it is a large-scale audition unprecedented in Japanese broadcasting and that female singers are auditioning on a large scale has raised expectations and heated interest. Do you remember the shock the public received when we first introduced a large trot audition with 100 female trot singers five years ago in Korea? It’s similar to that.

In addition, I was amazed when trot in Korea regained attention, and stars produced through trot auditions achieved idol-level popularity and income. The Japanese production team is also in a state of wanting to revive the songs from the Showa era (1926-1989), which were called the golden age of Japan, and bring back the memories and romance of that time.

**Q3. I’m curious about the planning process of the ‘Korea-Japan Trot Battle’ that will take place between the TOP 7 born in ‘Active King’ and ‘Trot Girl in Japan’ TOP 7 in 2024.**

Whether it’s soccer or baseball, if there’s a Korea-Japan match, our people stay up all night to watch it. However, it’s not something we can do just because we want to; the project has to be accepted by the Japanese side. Fortunately, the Japanese production team accepted it enthusiastically.

**Q4. What was the most important factor in selecting participants for ‘Active King’?**

Thinking that it would be difficult to deal with the stories of active singers in detail if there were many participants, I limited the number of participants to about 30. The most important criterion in casting was whether the singer could create the myth of a star through ‘Active King.’

I went through several selection processes to gather a list of active trot singers. The list of active trot singers included everyone, but I selected two categories: those who can be enthusiastic and passionate ‘fans’ or ‘enthusiasts’ compared to active singers, and those who, although relatively unknown, can become a ‘lightning star’ overnight through ‘Active King.’

**Q5. How is your collaboration with Seo Hye-jin, the head of Creo Studio, who is producing ‘Active King’?**

Representative Seo Hye-jin has an instinctive sense of whether the program will be fun or not. As a writer, she thinks about what kind of crops she can harvest after cultivating and eagerly works on it. Both of us think that the program must be fun unconditionally, and there is no conflict because the direction and purpose we pursue are the same. There may be differences due to differences in preferences, but I think the difference between the PD and the writer in creating a program is positive.

**Q6. What is the reason for keeping the identity of ‘Active King’ participants a secret?**

People are curious about the participants, so we decided to keep it a secret. There may be participants who will have a greater impact when they appear after being hidden. Please check it out in the first broadcast.

**Q7. It was a hot topic that Daesung was cast as the special national producer for ‘Active King.’ What is the reason for casting him, and how is Daesung’s appearance as a ‘producer’?**

Since the project is being conducted across both Korea and Japan, we wanted a master with experience and perspective on the cultures of both countries. 

After selecting suitable individuals, Daesung was unanimously chosen. He has excellent sociability and a good sense of entertainment, and he is a person who is curious and has affection for others. I think he is an excellent singer who will take care of and nurture active singers. Moreover, he has a pioneering view of Japanese culture that is second to none, as he has reached the top position in both Korea and Japan. We expect him to give a lot of advice on the entry of our active singers into Japan.

‘Active King’ will be broadcast for the first time at 10pm (KST) on November 28th.

Meanwhile, Daesung faced allegations of illegal operation of an adult entertainment establishment in his own building in 2019. Although he was cleared of charges, public opinion was cold, and he did not appear on broadcasts for a while.


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