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BLACKPINK’s Lisa faces backlash as luxury brands delete photos, sparking ‘Crazy Horse’ controversy

Luxury brand Bulgari and others have removed photos of BLACKPINK‘s Lisa amid controversy surrounding her participation in the 19+ rated adult show ‘Crazy Horse.’

On October 01st, it was reported by CNN and others that Lisa‘s Weibo account had been closed, with a message stating, “Due to reports of violations of laws, regulations, and Weibo management rules, this account can no longer be viewed.”

CNN explained that Chinese internet companies periodically suspend or delete accounts for violating their numerous censorship regulations or causing significant controversies. Lisa’s Weibo account suspension occurred in the midst of the strict control over her on the Chinese internet, following her appearance in ‘Crazy Horse’ in Paris in September.

Recently, some luxury brands where Lisa serves as an ambassador also deleted some of her photos from their social media accounts. Notably, Bulgari’s Chairman, who had a close relationship with Lisa, also removed her photos from his social media. The luxury brand Celine did the same.

Lisa took the stage with a daring performance on September 28th at ‘Crazy Horse’ in Paris. ‘Crazy Horse’ is a 19+ rated adult show that involves illuminating female nudity with lights, and it is one of the top three shows in Paris known for its high level of exposure.

As one of the K-pop idols with a substantial fan base in China, Lisa faced strong criticism from the Chinese entertainment industry for “violating the dignity of entertainers” after her ‘Crazy Horse’ appearance.

Luxury brands, considering the significant portion of global luxury consumption that China represents (over 20%), acted quickly to remove images of Lisa. Meanwhile, the Weibo accounts of other BLACKPINK members remain unaffected, and Lisa’s controversial ‘Crazy Horse’ performance has had repercussions on her Chinese activities.

Previously, Chinese celebrity Angela Baby, who attended ‘Crazy Horse,’ faced expulsion from the Chinese entertainment industry. AngelaBaby’s appearance in the program was edited out, and she was not invited to Shanghai events by brands she is currently endorsing. All eyes are now on Lisa’s future activities in China.


Author joyce.editor
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