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BoA showed her affection for NCT WISH while drawing attention

BoA, who transformed into a producer, showed her affection for NCT WISH while drawing attention.

On the afternoon of the 4th, a debut commemorative media showcase for NCT WISH was held at the Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul. BoA, who worked as a producer alongside NCT WISH, also attended the event.

Previously, on the 28th of last month at 6 p.m., NCT WISH debuted with their debut single “WISH”, along with the release of the music video.

The debut song “WISH” is a medium-tempo dance track based on old-school hip-hop. With energetic hooks, sentimental melodies, and refreshing yet emotional vocals, it expresses NCT WISH’s confident declaration for the future, carrying their “WISH” as they move forward.

NCT WISH - NCT : Dream Contact 'Our Wish' (Group Images) : r/NCT

BoA, who attended their debut showcase as a producer, expressed her affection for them and revealed her intention to work with them as a producer.

She said, “Many might have been surprised to hear that I became a producer. Since these are friends I personally chose, I felt even more attached. As they are a team active in both Korea and Japan, I gladly participated, hoping it would go well as I reminisced about my days shuttling between Korea and Japan for activities.”

She added, “I took on the role of producing in the hopes of reaching the public with good music and stages, quality music, and content.”

NCT WISH are modern-day Cupids in music video for 'Wish'

Furthermore, BoA stated that NCT WISH plans to expand into the global market by simultaneously promoting in Korea and Japan. She said, “It’s been about nine months since I first saw the members. From their noticeable growth process to forming the team, I’ve been watching them closely. NCT WISH is a team that is expected to attract many people through their positive attitude toward achieving their own dreams and wishes. As a mentor, I will strive to help them grow in the right direction as a producer.”

Meanwhile, their debut single “WISH” was released on the 4th, and on the same day at 8 p.m. (KST), they are scheduled to meet with fans at the “NCT WISH’s WISHLIST” event at the Blue Square Mastercard Hall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul.


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