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BoA’s appearance in “Marry My Husband” received backlash from viewers

BoA’s appearance in “Marry My Husband” was anticipated as the arrival of a new villain, but the reactions are divided.

BoA‘s changed facial expressions and awkward acting in her return to the small screen after eight years are said to hinder the immersion in the drama.

BoA made her first appearance in the 11th episode of “Marry My Husband”, which aired on the 5th. She took on the role of Oh Yura, the former fiancee of Yoo Jihyuk (played by Na In-woo). BoA was already at the center of attention even before her appearance. In the 7th episode, a photo revealing Oh Yura’s faceless upper body was released, and netizens discovered that the outfit matched the one BoA wore at her 20th-anniversary album “BETTER” press conference in 2020.

BoA’s appearance had been announced earlier. Last November, SM Entertainment announced that BoA would appear in “Marry My Husband”, stating, “Please confirm the details of the role through the broadcast.” Particularly, since the original Oh Yura is a granddaughter of a conglomerate who ignores and tramples on others using her power, expectations were high for BoA’s new transformation.

BoA’s last acting project was the movie “Autumn Sonata” (2017), and her last drama was “Listen to Love” (2016). Therefore, the public’s interest in BoA, who stands before the camera as an actress after a long time, has increased.

However, the issue lies in the response to BoA’s appearance. Some netizens found her acting awkward. Given that she has to interact with actors such as Park Min-young, Song Ha-ye, Lee Yi-kyung, and Na In-woo, it may be understandable that, as primarily a singer, she may seem lacking. However, her unnatural expressions were undeniable.

The overdone makeup and her seemingly immobile lips due to her changed appearance further distracted viewers. Although the character is supposed to be someone who freely utters insults with a harmless expression, her expression leaned more towards blankness than harmlessness. Some even pointed out the possibility of side effects from skin procedures.

Moreover, the scene where she invites Park Min-young to a restaurant, breaks a wine glass, and stands facing each other, tapping her chin, was awkward enough to make viewers embarrassed. She is not a recognized actress for her acting skills, but due to the lack of synchronization with the character, she has become a stumbling block in a well-performing drama.

“Marry My Husband” has successfully surpassed other weekend dramas in both work and actor popularity. It has received praise as the rediscovery of ‘villains’ Lee Yi-kyung and Song Ha-yoon, and Na In-woo has successfully shed his image from variety shows. After a controversy with his former lover, Park Min-young, who returned with this drama, can now laugh thanks to its success.

Although her awkward acting may not directly hinder the success of “Marry My Husband”, concerns are raised about the character’s problems and frustrating development as the drama progresses. It remains to be seen whether BoA will show her prowess as a ‘scene stealer’ in the remaining broadcasts or whether her presence will be remembered as a flaw in “Marry My Husband”.


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