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The netizen investigation team found BoA’s character in “Marry My Husband”

The netizen investigation team found BoA’s character in the tvN Monday-Tuesday drama “Marry My Husband”.

The name Oh Yu-ra first appeared on “Marry My Husband”, which aired on the 22nd. Yoo Han-il (Moon Seong-geun), the grandfather of Yoo Ji-hyeok (Na In-woo) and the chairman of U&K Group, saw the newspaper article and praised him, saying, “Yu-ra finished the Wang Sangmu issue very well. She’s very smart.”

Afterwards, it was revealed that Oh Yu-ra was Yoo Ji-hyeok’s strategic marriage partner.

Yoo Ji-hyuk asked, “Didn’t your grandfather want me and Yura to get married?” and Yoo Han-il said, “Are you going to find someone to help me fulfill this wish for this money that I bought enough to live on? I knew from the beginning that you and Yu-ra didn’t like each other. I made a promise. It’s not polite to unilaterally turn things around, especially on the part of men. So, show as much sincerity as possible and sort things out.”

In particular, a photo of Oh Yu-ra, Vice President of Cloud Aviation, briefly appeared in the newspaper that Yu Han-il was reading. With this clue, netizens discovered Oh Yu-ra’s identity. This slightly revealing photo was taken at a press conference commemorating the release of her 20th anniversary album ‘BETTER’ in 2020.

Previously, in November last year, it was announced that BoA would appear in “Marry My Husband”. But her role was shrouded in mystery. In the original novel, Oh Yu-ra is an all-time villain character who is a modern-day aristocrat and personality-broken character.

Meanwhile, BoA is making a comeback to the small screen seven years after KBS2’s “Listen to Love”.


Author Nat.O
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