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‘Boy Fantasy’ debut group Fantasy Boys intensify their rehearsals for the Japanese fan concert

The debut group Fantasy Boys, known as Boy Fantasy, is currently in full swing preparing for their first overseas concert in Japan according to PocketDol Studio on the 1st.

Fantasy Boys are dedicating themselves to rehearsals as they approach the concert scheduled to take place in Tokyo, Japan on July 9th. Earlier, they announced their departure to Japan on July 8th, arousing anticipation among fans who are eagerly awaiting the fan concert.

Upon their arrival in Japan, Fantasy Boys have planned three practical rehearsals for the concert.

PocketDol Studio stated, “Fantasy Boys will showcase a high-quality stage with a total of 10 songs.”

With their devoted practice, Fantasy Boys recently achieved a sold-out status for the first part of the Japan fan concert, proving their popularity. The members have expressed their determination to ensure that the 10,000 audience members feel satisfied.

After the fan concert, PocketDol Studio mentioned that Fantasy Boys have scheduled activities such as media interviews and a visit to the Japanese OTT platform Abema.

Author Nat.O
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