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BTS’s Jimin donates 100 million won to Chungbuk Provincial Office of Education; Total publicly known donations exceed 700 million won

According to Newsen’s coverage on August 25th, Jimin, through his father, donated 100 million won to the Chungbuk Provincial Office of Education on March 24th, his first solo album release date. Although he requested that the donation not be publicly announced, the news of his generous act became known after five months.

The Chungbuk Provincial Office of Education stated that Jimin donated 100 million won to support 10 educational institutions within the province, including schools and libraries, with each institution receiving 10 million won. The funds will be used to support students’ book purchases and operate reading education programs.

Adding to his continuous charitable activities, Jimin’s total publicly known donations now exceed 700 million won. Over the past 10 years since his debut as a member of BTS under Big Hit Music in June 2013, Jimin has consistently engaged in various philanthropic endeavors. Particularly, he has focused on aiding underprivileged children’s welfare and improving educational environments.

Starting with his donation of winter school uniforms for his junior classmates at Hoo Dong Elementary School in Busan, his hometown, in 2018, Jimin continued to support 16 schools in Busan, including Busan Arts High School and Geumsa Elementary School, by donating 100 million won to the Busan Metropolitan Office of Education in 2019. In February 2020, he replaced 1,200 bookshelves for his alma mater, Busan Arts High School.

Furthermore, in August 2020, he donated a scholarship fund of 100 million won to the Jeonnam Future Education Foundation, and in July 2021, he contributed 100 million won to the non-profit international volunteer organization Rotary International, expressing his wish for it to be used for children affected by global polio. On his birthday, October 13, 2021, he donated more than 100 million won to the Green Umbrella Children Foundation and became a member of the high-donor club, Green Noble Club.

In the past year, he donated 100 million won to the Gangwon Provincial Office of Education. Jimin had quietly donated, not wanting his contributions to be known. The Gangwon Provincial Office of Education, the recipient of his donation, operates the foundation, Kangwon Educational Scholarship Society, which also implements projects to foster exceptional talents among underprivileged groups. His contribution was used to support these exceptional students.

This year, his philanthropic efforts continue. In February, Jimin donated 100 million won to UNICEF Korea to support emergency aid for children affected by the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Jimin expressed his hope that this donation would help the children affected by the earthquakes.

BTS members have also been consistently engaged in collective donations. In January 2017, BTS donated 100 million won to the 416 Families’ Committee, composed of families of the victims of the Sewol ferry tragedy. Each of the seven members donated 10 million won, and Big Hit Music added 30 million won, totaling 100 million won.

Since 2017, BTS, in collaboration with Big Hit Music, has donated a total of 59.7 billion won (as of December 2022) to UNICEF Korea through the “LOVE MYSELF” campaign.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, the group made collective donations. In 2020, along with Big Hit Music, BTS donated 1 million dollars (approximately 12 billion won) to organizations related to the ‘BLACK LIVE MATTER’ campaign against racial discrimination. This led to numerous fans joining the campaign with a shared spirit, raising over a million dollars.

In addition, BTS, together with their agency, supported the Live Nation, a global concert planning company, with 1 million dollars (approximately 12 billion won), to assist those in the concert industry facing economic hardships due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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