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BTS’ Jimin quietly donated a scholarship for university students

BTS’ Jimin quietly donated a scholarship for university students.

On February 17th, Dong-eui University’s Physical Therapy Department in Busan released photos of the ‘BTS Jimin Scholarship’ ceremony through the school’s website.

The university stated, “Jimin donated a scholarship for the Physical Therapy Department at Dong-eui University,” and added, “Through a connection with a professor and Jimin’s father, they sponsored the advancement of the Physical Therapy Department.”

According to the university, this is not a one-time donation. They announced, “A sophomore student was selected as the scholarship recipient for the first semester,” and “This scholarship will continue into the second semester.”

The university expressed hope that their students who receive the scholarship will become more needed individuals in society and encouraged them to live a life of giving, like Jimin.

He is recognized as an angel of donations in the entertainment industry, particularly showing interest in education and child welfare. He has donated scholarships of 100 million won each to various educational offices including those in Busan, Jeonnam, and Gangwon provinces.

He has also supported his alma mater, Hoedong Elementary School, by covering uniform costs, and Busan High School of Arts by funding bookshelves. Additionally, he donated 100 million won to Chungbuk Education Office for purchasing books for children.

His philanthropic activities are said to be influenced greatly by his father, who operates a cafe in Nam District, Busan, and actively engages in volunteer work. Over the past three years, he has donated approximately 76 million won to his hometown area.

Meanwhile, all members of BTS are currently fulfilling their mandatory military service.


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