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BTS Jungkook’s album “Golden” receives acclaim from international media

BTS member Jungkook‘s new album “Golden” has garnered significant attention from international media.

Jungkook Drops Solo Album 'Golden,' Unveils New Music Video — Watch!

Recently, the U.S. music-specialized outlet Consequence of Sound stated, “Jungkook is an all-rounder who can infuse his presence on stage, dancing style, and voice into various genres. Most importantly, he knows how to utilize his voice, which is the greatest ‘instrument’ of all. It’s clear that Jungkook is on the path to establishing himself as a ‘global pop star.'”

USA Today mentioned, “Jungkook successfully incorporates various genres such as R&B, EDM, disco funk, and pop ballads into ‘Golden,’ citing artists like Justin Bieber, Shawn Mendes, Usher, and Michael Jackson, saying, ‘With ‘Golden,’ Jungkook has claimed the ticket to pop superstardom.'”

AP News introduced the album as “one of the most powerful pop debut works this year,” and noted that Jungkook shows a deep understanding of pop performance through this album. The article also states that he underscores the need for innovative collaborations in modern pop performances through the featured songs on his solo album.

The UK music magazine NME, in an article titled “The New King of Pop Is Preparing to Claim the Throne,” introduced ‘Golden’ as an album containing Jungkook’s multifaceted artistry, charismatic vocals, and irresistible pop charm.

NME mentioned that there have been “kings of pop” every decade, but the 2020s were missing a prominent male solo star until Jungkook came along. With ‘Golden,’ he has proven that he can fulfill this role, stating that he has finally found the “king of pop” in the 2020s, and ‘Golden’ will be more than just ensuring his place on the throne.

Jungkook’s solo album “Golden,” released on the 3rd of this month, achieved “double million-seller” status (selling 2 million copies) on the Hanteo Chart within just five hours of its release. Moreover, it set a new record for the most streaming for a K-pop solo artist’s album on Spotify on the release date. On Spotify’s “Daily Top Song Global,” the solo single “Seven (feat. LaTo)” and the title track “Standing Next to You” swept the top two positions for three consecutive days.


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