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BTS Jungkook’s Instagram account has been revealed, with his first post bragging about his “kid”

BTS Jungkook’s Instagram account has been revealed.

On the 14th, Jungkook greeted fans through Instagram, saying, “Since I can’t brag about myself right now, I should brag about my ‘kid.’ Have a fun ‘night’ ahead. Unity!”

The ‘night’ mentioned by Jungkook seems to refer to his pet dog named ‘Bami.’ Recently, fans discovered content featuring Bami on a certain account.

This account not only showed Bami’s appearance but also included Jungkook’s voice exclaiming “Bbang!” as a personal catchphrase.

Previously, in March last year, Jungkook abruptly left an SNS platform with 50 million followers.

At that time, Jungkook explained, “I left Instagram. It wasn’t due to hacking:) I just didn’t want to use it anymore, so I deleted it.. Don’t worry!!”

He added, “What if I don’t use it? I’ll occasionally do Weverse lives. I deleted the app right away, and there probably won’t be anything to do in the future! Just letting you know in advance.”

Jungkook, along with other BTS members, opened their SNS accounts simultaneously on December 6, 2021, to share their daily lives.

At the time, Big Hit Music stated, “The Instagram account was opened for the expression of artistic individuality and diverse communication as artists.”


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