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BTS V: “I strived to remove the glamour and showcase my true colors”

“Even though it’s not a direct flight, I want to gradually reach my final goal while transferring and resting, entering different types of music.”

BTS’s V spoke about the meaning of his first official solo album ‘Layover’ in a promotional video released on the 8th, saying it’s “simple but sincere.”

“As it’s my first solo album, I’ve put in a lot of effort with the intention of showing a new side of myself. I’m not usually a very ambitious person, but I was a bit more ambitious this time. I realized many things while practicing singing from scratch,” he said.

V is the last of the seven BTS members to make his solo debut with ‘Layover.’ He says he put a lot of effort into this album to convey his true self.

He said, “In a word, this solo album work is a process of finding myself. You will be able to find a new side of V that you can say, ‘Oh, he’s like this too.'”

“Even though I’m usually very extravagant on stage, this time I tried to remove the glamorous elements and show my true colors as a person. I put everything I like and everything I’m good at into this album.”

‘Layover’ includes a total of six songs, including the title track ‘Slow Dancing,’ as well as pre-release songs ‘Rainy Days,’ ‘Love Me Again,’ ‘Blue,’ ‘For Us,’ and a piano version of ‘Slow Dancing.’

In particular, the fact that producer Min Hee-jin, who led the success of NU’EST, was involved in the overall album production, became a hot topic.

V said, “This was the first time we worked together, and I had a great synergy with producer Min Hee-jin.” He added, “While looking for someone who could maximize my emotions, Producer Min Hee-jin came to mind first, so I contacted her first. As a result, a very cool album was released.”

V actively shared his opinions and coordinated every detail while working on this album.

V said, “I usually speak slowly, and she captured even that ‘slowness’ of mine well as a feature of this album.” He reflected, “So I think the music I wanted to do has come out well.”

The title of the album, ‘Layover,’ means not a direct flight but a layover during the journey. It reflects his determination to gradually move toward his final goal by passing through various experiences and entering different types of music.

Regarding the title track ‘Slow Dancing,’ he said, “You can listen to it with a relaxed mood just like the title suggests. I hope everyone had a free and comfortable time when listening to this song.”

He added, “‘Slow Dancing’ was chosen as the title track because I thought ‘ARMYs’ (BTS fans) would like this song the most.” He concluded, “Except for the bonus track, I made music videos for all five tracks. This was my first experience, so it will remain a special memory.”

“It’s an album that I’m comfortable with and confident in, so I believe you will feel that resonance. I’ve worked hard to prepare special stages, so please look forward to various activities that will be revealed in the future.”


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