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While serving in the military, BTS’ V shared updates on his SNS.

While serving in the military, BTS’ V shared updates on his SNS.

On the 12th, BTSV posted several photos on his Instagram Story. He asked fans about their well-being, saying, “Greetings. How is everyone doing?” He also shared about his daily life, mentioning, “I’m exercising healthily, wearing a cool black uniform, and undergoing great training.”

V also shared recent updates during his break. He mentioned, “I took a short break and celebrated Director Na Young-seok’s birthday, having a fun time chatting with friends about military life after a long time.”

Director Na Young-seok, whose birthday falls on the 15th, had previously held a two-day ‘birthday cafe event’ on the 8th and 9th.

Additionally, V shared updates on his bulking progress. He said, “I’m currently working hard on exercising and weigh 75kg, but the soldiers in our unit have amazing bodies, so I need to work harder. I’ll do my best. Goodbye.” He shared photos of himself working out diligently, especially highlighting the changes in his arm muscles after bulking up.

Meanwhile, V enlisted as an active-duty soldier in December last year and is currently serving in the Special Forces unit of the Chuncheon Army 2nd Division Headquarters. Despite his military service, he has been actively engaging with fans, including releasing the song “Friends” in March, showing his dedicated efforts.


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