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BTS’s Jin gifts ‘snail cream’ to mothers at graduation ceremonies

It’s been a widely shared rumor that BTS member Jin packs a lot of food for his colleagues before leaving for outings.

The story of his generosity keeps surfacing, and here’s another heartwarming tale that has recently come to light, this time involving trainees who received education from Jin.

Recently, a woman named ‘Gomshin’ posted on an online community, saying, “I will share a story about Jin that my boyfriend’s senior, who is in the military, experienced during his training.”

She continued, “My boyfriend’s senior received basic training at the 5th Division. When Jin had his graduation ceremony, he bought a box of snail cream for the parents of trainees to give as gifts.”

She added, “During the training period, Jin bought snacks for the trainees three times. They say he’s so kind that he never got angry or scolded anyone.”

Meanwhile, on the 8th, a story titled ‘Jin, Who Buys Food Well’ was posted on an online community, gaining attention.

The author said, “My nephew, who was discharged yesterday, told me that when the food truck comes on weekends, Corporal Kim Seokjin (Jin) buys 15 servings of delicious food.” The author added, “He seems to be sharing the food with the same unit members,” and said, “That’s why he is nicknamed ‘Jin, Who Buys Food Well.'”

It’s explained that Jin spends his own money to buy food from food trucks every weekend for his much younger unit colleagues, showing his kindness and generosity.


Author joyce.editor
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