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BTS’s Jungkook radiates candid charm: Recent interview with Dazed

Recently, BTS’s Jungkook had a photoshoot and interview with Dazed magazine in the UK.

Jungkook is still contemplating who he truly is, stating, “I’m an emotionally honest person. I need to change quickly and do what I want right now.”

In recent years, Jungkook has taken up boxing, gotten piercings on his eyebrows and lips, and expanded his tattoo collection. Regarding this, he mentioned, “I enjoy extremes. People always say I look soft and round, but I want a sharp and intense image.”

This year, Jungkook has been spending a lot of time with fans through unrestricted Weverse live broadcasts. In various places like the living room, kitchen, and bedroom, he sings, cooks, drinks, and even does laundry. There have even been moments when he fell asleep during broadcasts, leading to forced endings.

While Jungkook gently declines when fans advise him to grow up quickly or not to drink too much, he emphasized that he doesn’t pay attention because he knows these words come from fans who like and care about him.

Previously, Jungkook issued warnings to fans who appeared at his gym or sent delivery food to his home. He stated that he firmly but politely tells them to stop and emphasized that these are not complicated relationships. He also explained that he freely communicates with fans, and they can freely communicate with him. He has the choice to listen or ignore fans’ words, even if they say inappropriate things.

As a solo artist, Jungkook’s debut was successful, and he expressed, “I believed in my instincts and wondered if I could get closer to the audience, to more people. I think I’ve proven that I can.” He added, “I want to become a cooler and better singer. I’m still not the singer I wanted to be, the one I dreamed of, so I’m working harder.”


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