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BTS’s Jungkook shares how he maintains a healthy relationship with his fans; “I freely communicate with fans, and fans freely talk to me.”

BTS’s Jungkook has opened up about dealing with sasaeng (overly obsessed) fans and maintaining a healthy relationship with ARMY.

In a recent photoshoot and interview with the UK’s DAZED, Jungkook, who always dreamed of becoming a famous singer, expressed his gratitude for the overflowing love from fans. However, he no longer takes that love for granted, saying, “I now believe I should humbly accept their love. Because I receive a lot of love and support from fans, I hope they gain confidence and self-esteem through me.”

Jungkook also mentioned that he wants to explore various genres of music to test his capabilities, saying, “I want to try as many genres as possible to see what kind of music I can create with my voice. When people say, ‘He can handle any genre well,’ it makes me really happy. I want to surprise people,” revealing his constant desire to challenge himself.

Notably, despite his youthful image, Jungkook pushed boundaries by releasing his solo track “SEVEN” in both “Clean” and “Explicit” versions for those under 19. When asked if he felt the explicit version was necessary, he responded, “If I didn’t feel it was necessary, then I couldn’t do anything. How old am I?” He also shared his passion for boxing, his preference for extreme styles like tattoos and piercings, stating, “I like extreme things. People always say I look round and soft, but I want a sharp, powerful image.”

Jungkook’s honesty stems from his deep connection with the fanbase ARMY. He regularly goes live to share his daily life with fans, and this closeness has allowed fans to make casual requests, such as “Don’t drink too much” or “Go to bed early.” Jungkook takes these comments in stride, saying, “I know that these comments come from fans who are interested in me and like me, so I don’t take them personally.”

Furthermore, Jungkook has been direct with sasaeng fans, even warning those who send food deliveries to his home and visit his gym. However, he clarified, “It’s not a complicated relationship. I freely communicate with fans, and fans freely talk to me. Whether I choose to listen or ignore their comments is my choice. Even if they say inappropriate things, it’s still my choice to accept or ignore them.”

Jungkook’s commitment to maintaining a respectful relationship with fans showcases his maturity and dedication to creating a positive and healthy environment for himself and ARMY.


Author Nat.O
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