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BTS’s RM, who is currently engaged in solo activities, has spoken about the group’s potential reunion

During a Weverse Live broadcast on the 12th, RM revealed his thoughts on BTS‘s solo projects and the possibility of reuniting as a group. He continued to express his love for ARMY.

Previously, BTS announced a temporary hiatus from group activities in June of last year to focus on members’ military preparations and solo endeavors. The members pledged to regroup in 2025 after completing their military service.

RM opened up during the live broadcast to convey BTS’s sincerity to ARMY. After listening to ARMY’s original song “Love Letter,” RM expressed his gratitude.

RM mentioned that BTS’s solo projects served as an opportunity to remind everyone of ARMY’s preciousness. He likened the solo projects to a vacation that ultimately brings them back to BTS and ARMY, expressing that the solo projects are part of the journey back to the full group.

Furthermore, RM emphasized the upcoming reunion in 2025 for ARMY, stating, “I have never taken this immense love for granted, and I will continue to feel the same way in the future.” He also noted that all other members feel the same.

As BTS member Jin is expected to return from his military service around the time of the group’s 11th anniversary, RM mentioned that Jin and J-Hope would represent BTS while the remaining five members complete their military duties.

Meanwhile, BTS members continue to support each other and gather whenever their schedules permit. Currently, Jin and J-Hope, who are fulfilling their military service, made appearances at Suga’s Seoul concert.

Following Suga’s concert, Big Hit Music announced that Suga had withdrawn his request for military enlistment deferral and would enlist after completing his summons.

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