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BTS’s V to collaborate with ADOR Min Hee-jin, the general producer, for his first solo album

According to Big Hit Music on the 2nd, V is currently working diligently on his first solo album.

By V’s suggestion, Min Hee-jin, the general producer of NewJeans, will oversee the overall production of the album, including music, choreography, design, and promotion.

Min Hee-jin, the CEO and general producer of ADOR, is considered one of the most influential figures in the K-pop and domestic entertainment industry, leading the success of NewJeans.

Producer Min Hee-jin said, “I received the proposal at the end of last year. At first, I hesitated due to my schedule, but V’s attitude, passion, and his unique vocal color were intriguing.” She added, “I hope people pay attention to the music. I prepared this album, reflecting V’s taste and proposing the music we want to create. We focused on music that we can digest well, rather than sticking to familiar styles. Although we were very busy, it seems that interesting work has come out.”

V expressed, “I’m nervous but happy” about his feelings regarding the release of his solo album. He stated, “The album is full of my taste, and there will be plenty to see. I think ARMYs (fandom name) will be happy, so I hope you look forward to it. It will show a different side of V, not just BTS V, but solo artist V.”

V has received praise for enriching his music with his unique husky yet gentle voice through solo songs such as ‘Stigma,’ ‘Singularity,’ and ‘Inner Child.’

He has also showcased his exceptional skills in songwriting and composing through self-composed songs like ‘4 O’CLOCK,’ ‘Scenery,’ ‘Winter Bear,’ ‘Blue & Grey,’ and ‘Snow Flower.’ In addition, he has expanded his activities by participating in various drama OSTs, including ‘Itaewon Class’ OST ‘Sweet Night,’ ‘Hwarang’ OST ‘Even If I Die, It’s You,’ and ‘The Smile Has Left Your Eyes’ OST ‘Christmas Tree.’

Details regarding the release date of V’s solo album will be announced at a later date.

Author Nat.O
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