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Celebratory get-together: Lee Da-hae and Se7en hosted a party at their newlywed home

Se7en and actress Lee Da-hae hosted a party at their newlywed home.

On the 7th, Lee Da-hae shared a message saying, “Daytime drinking with good people,” and also added birthday congratulations.

Lee Da-hae and Se7en’s newlywed home has already been revealed on television. It is known that Lee Da-hae resides in a luxurious villa in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, which she purchased in 2013.

The most recent transaction price was 4.6 billion KRW, and the sale took place in October 2021, two years ago. Actors Lee Min-ho, Choi Ji-woo, Kwon Sang-woo, among others, are known to reside in this villa.

Se7en and Lee Da-hae are happily enjoying their newlywed life by inviting friends to their newlywed home for a drink after their marriage.

Amidst this, it was revealed that in August of last year, Lee Da-hae sold a building she had purchased in the name of a corporate entity, believed to be her family’s company, for 2.4 billion KRW, making a profit of about 20 billion KRW. With this profit, Lee Da-hae purchased a new building worth 15.96 billion KRW in Nonhyeon-dong. In addition to this, Lee Da-hae owns two more pieces of real estate.


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