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“Wongyeong”:Cha Joo-young received strong support from Song Hye-kyo

Cha Joo-young received strong support from Song Hye-kyo for “Wongyeong”.

On the 19th, Cha Joo-young said, “Hye-kyo’s! It was such a surprise that I was stunned. Song Hye-kyo is the best! Song Hye-kyo is the best! Thank you so much. Thank you so much for supporting ‘Wongyeong’.” She was touched by Song Hye-kyo’s surprise gift.

Song Hye-kyo showed off her loyalty to “The Glory” by sending her coffee tea and snack tea as a surprise gift to the filming set of the drama “Wongyeong”, where Cha Joo-young is filming.

Song Hye-kyo said, “I support Cha Joo-young and the actors and staff of ‘Wongyeong’,’ and ‘Cheer up in this cold winter! I look forward to good work.”

They also expressed their special affection for Cha Joo-young by sending messages of support such as “Please give Joo-young a lot of love”, “Joo-young, I look forward to your great work”, and “Joo-young, cheer up”.

In response, Cha Joo-young expressed her gratitude, saying, “Thanks to Hye-kyo, we all filmed with great enthusiasm. I love Song Hye-kyo, the most beautiful girl in All Love.” She then added that she was ‘forever the glory’.

Meanwhile, Cha Joo-young will appear in the tvN/TV drama “Wongyeong”, which is being produced and scheduled to air in the second half of next year.


Author Nat.O
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