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Cha Sunwoo signs exclusive contract with Media Lab Siso, led by Song Eun-yi

Cha Sunwoo signs exclusive contract with Media Lab Siso, led by Song Eun-yi

On the 8th, it was reported that Cha Sunwoo, formerly Baro of B1A4, has joined hands with Song Eun-yi. According to MBN Star’s coverage, he has signed an exclusive contract with Media Lab Siso, where Song Eun-yi serves as the representative.

Recently, his exclusive contract with HODU&U Entertainment came to an end, leading him to explore new opportunities as a free agent. Amidst keen interest in his next move, he has chosen to embark on a new journey with Media Lab Siso, under the leadership of Song Eun-yi.

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Media Lab Siso, founded by Content Lab Vivo, is represented by entertainer Song Eun-yi. It houses various talents, including Shin Bongsun, Ahn Young-mi, Kim Soo-yong, former profiler Kwon Il-yong, director Jang Hang-jun, writer Kim Eun-hee, and actor Bong Tae-gyu.

Cha Sunwoo, who debuted with B1A4 in 2011, gained much love for hit songs like “What’s Happening,” “Baby Good Night,” “Solo Day,” and “Tried to Walk.” In 2013, he showcased his acting skills in the drama “Reply 1994,” earning recognition beyond his music career.

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Throughout his acting career, Cha Sunwoo has been part of various dramas such as “God’s Gift: 14 Days,” “Angry Mom,” “Two Hearts,” “Melting Me Softly,” as well as movies like “That’s Not It,” “Delusion,” and “The Pinwheel” Since leaving B1A4 in 2018, he has continued his journey in the entertainment industry under his real name, Cha Sunwoo.

Notably, Cha Sunwoo recently appeared in the KBS2 Drama Special 2023 titled “Do Hyun’s Confession,” showcasing a fresh chemistry with actress Lee Yeon.

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